ContraForce Data Connectors and Connection Requests

ContraForce users can submit requests to the ContraForce support team for data sources not supported with one-click API pathways.


On the Data Connectors page, the data connector library can be accessed by clicking "Add Data Connector." A "plus sign" icon will be shown for each data connector in the library. Once all 

A "plus sign" icon will be shown for each data connector available in the library. Once all connectors have been selected, click "Add Data Connectors" at the bottom of the window. 

For each data connector a "Configure" button will be shown. If the connector allows for an API connection, a "Connect" button will be shown. An updated "Connected" status will be shown for the connector.  

ContraForce supports over 120 different data sources. If you do not see a data connector in the Data Connector library, contact ContraForce and the team will directly assist with the connection. 

Data Connector Requests

For data connectors that require input from ContraForce, an "Activation in Progress" message will be shown for that data connector. 

The ContraForce support team will receive a message that you have requested one or multiple data connectors. ContraForce will then reach out to support the data connector process.