ContraForce User Roles

In ContraForce, users added to the portal can be assigned different permission levels. This article will provide an overview on which privileges each user role has in ContraForce.

What user types are available? 

In ContraForce, there are 4 available user roles, each with it's own respective set of permissions.

  • Admin
  • Incident Analyst 
  • Incident Responder 
  • Data Source Admin

What actions can each user type take? 

The table below summarizes what each user role can do in the ContraForce Portal. 

User Type View Incident Data Manage Users Run Gamebooks Manage Data Connectors Manage Endpoints
Admin x x x x x
Incident Analyst x        
Incident Responder x   x   x
Data Source Admin x     x  

If your organization requires a custom set of user permissions, contact the ContraForce Support team. We can work with you on creating a custom role for your organization. 

Where can I manage users? 

Additional users can be added to ContraForce in during onboarding. More information can be found under Step 3 in this article. Additionally, users can be managed within Settings > User Management.