ContraForce Workspaces Page

The ContraForce Workspaces is multi-functional allowing service providers to pre-onboard customers as well as manage customer configurations.


The Workspaces page serves multiple purposes. While information on pre-onboarding customer tenants is available here, this article will focus on the post-onboarding functionality within the Workspaces page.

1. Navigate to the Workspaces page (3rd Icon - Triangle). 



Workspace icon shown in the screenshot above (3rd from top - Triangle)

2. View all Workspaces

Workspaces 1-1

By default all tenants will be shown. Clicking Onboard or Pre-Onboarded will update the table to show the tenants with the corresponding Status. Clicking the drop-down arrow will expand the table entry to show additional information about the selected tenant.


Workspaces 0-2  

3. Edit a Tenant's Configuration 

Clicking the edit icon next to the dropdown arrow will open a pop-up where a tenant's configuration can be managed. 


Workspaces 2-1

From here, the various modules that have been enabled for the tenant can be modified. Additionally permissions for the modules can also be consented. The screenshot below shows the fields that can be edited for QRadar. 


Workspaces 3