ContraForce Endpoint Page Overview

This article covers the basics of how to use the ContraForce Endpoint page.

The Endpoint Page provides a summary of all endpoints that have been onboarded to Defender for Endpoint. The Endpoint page provides an easy way to access the device inventory as well as run endpoint actions supported by Defender for Endpoint directly from the ContraForce portal. The Endpoint page can be accessed by clicking the Laptop icon within the navigation bar. 




The Endpoint page will include columns for the Workspace name, Device Name, Exposure Level, OS Platform, Health State, and the Last Seen date. 


To open the actions panel for a device, click within the row for the device in the table. A pop-up for the device will open.  


From here, actions such as Isolate, Unisolate, Scan, and Offboard can be ran on the device. 


Currently ContraForce only supports Defender for Endpoint (Plan 1, Plan 2, or Defender for Business) on the Endpoints page. ContraForce will be adding additional EDR solutions on the Endpoints page soon. If you have any questions about this please email