How does ContraForce use AI with Gamebooks?

ContraForce uses AI to recommend Gamebook actions for various incidents in ContraForce. This article will provide an overview of how these recommendations are made within the portal.


When the Gamebook page is opened for an incident, there is Recommendations toggle for the incident response action that is shown. The toggle allows the user to select between AI and Operator. 

AI Recommendations

As incidents are closed by users within your organization, the ContraForce engine will watch what actions are taken for specific incidents. Additionally, the engine will ingest classifications that are assigned to incidents as they are closed. This incident metadata helps the ContraForce engine learn the patterns of your organization's incident remediation practice. The recommended Gamebook action for incidents will be tuned according to this incident metadata.


The Operator recommendation is available for incidents where the user has created a custom gamebook response using the ContraForce Security Workbench. This Gamebook will be available as an alternative option to the AI Gamebook recommendation.