How does the ContraForce Trial work?

ContraForce offers trial to prospective Customers and Partners.


ContraForce offers trials for parties interested in using ContraForce The goal of the trial is for you to experience managing your security incidents and response operations through the ContraForce platform. ContraForce offers trials ranging from 2-weeks to 4-weeks. 

1. Deploy ContraForce

The first step in starting a trial is to deploy ContraForce. The ContraForce Customer Success team will send you documentation on the pre-requisites for onboarding prior to the onboarding session. During this session, we will ensure that ContraForce is configured for your environment. Additionally, follow-up calls or documentation will be provided for any outstanding data connectors or requests. 

2. Data Source Validation

After configuration of ContraForce is complete, a detailed review of your ContraForce environment will be conducted by the ContraForce Security Engineering team. This check is to ensure that there are not outstanding issues with your ContraForce environment. 

3. Incident Rule Tuning

As incidents are generated in ContraForce, our AI engine and incident response logic will tune itself to your environment. Changes to incident logic or response actions can also be requested manually through email or via a support ticket. 

4. Feedback Session

After a few weeks of your ContraForce trial, the team will arrange a feedback session. The goal of this session is to gather feedback around the UI/UX of the portal as well as anything else you would like to see in the ContraForce portal.

5. End of Trial 

At the end of the trial, we will have a meeting to gather final thoughts and make sure that all points of value were achieved. Any outstanding questions around the ContraForce Partner Agreement will be addressed.