How to connect Cisco Meraki data to ContraForce

ContraForce can ingest syslog event data from Cisco Meraki appliances. This article will cover the setup process for this connector.


To connect Cisco Meraki data to ContraForce, syslog forwarding needs to be setup within the Meraki dashboard. Fortunately, this is a fairly simple process using the Meraki dashboard. The Cisco Meraki documentation found here is useful for this setup process and is referenced for this document.

Configure Syslog Forwarding

  1. Login to your Meraki Dashboard.
  2. Click Network-Wide, Configure, then General. 
  3. Under Reporting, there should be an option for Syslog server configurations. 
  4. Click Add a syslog server to add a new server. 
  5. ContraForce will provide you with the IP address of the syslog server and the port number to be used. 
  6. Add the roles that you wish to send to the ContraForce syslog server.
    1. Note that the type of events that can be send vary depending on your appliance. See the Syslog Configuration section of the Meraki help documentation found here.
  7. Once the syslog configuration is complete, let ContraForce know to finish the connection process. 

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